Monday, January 3, 2011

All About the New Year!

Lexis is growing SO tall. Her passion this very moment is Cheerleading. I am SUPER proud of her. I know how hard it can be to take life by the horns and run, run, run! She got an e-reader for Christmas this year. She loves to read. This is something kinda new to her. I really think the Twilight books have started this fasination with her.

Lexis has a very tender heart. She loves to sew and is getting quite good at it. Her specialty is blankets. She made one for her baby cousin and he loves it.

She got her third phone for Christmas. It is a touch screen. She was happy to say the least! She's had a phone for almost three years now.

Lexis lost her hampster a few months ago. (It lived in her room for almost a year.) She was devastated so we let her get another one. She got a 'deal' on a bigger hampster. He is not one you can hold as I found out when he bit all the way through my hand :) She loves it though!

See her silly side...

As I said she LOVES Cheering! This is Football Cheering...

Boys Basketball Cheering. Ava even got in on cheering and asked if I'd make her a cheerleading costume! Ava loves her sister :)

So being a Mother that was a Cheerleader you know how excited I am about her loving this Sport as well as I did! I couldn't be more proud of what a wonderful person Lexis is turning out to be!

Her grades are all above C actually I believe she only had one C last report card and the rest were A's and B's. School seems to be getting a little easier for her. My Lex... what a little lady she truly is!


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