Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bithday Party!

So we had Lexis's party at Gator's restaurant. She had one of her friends come and spend the night. Since her sister Emeline's birthday is the day after hers we normally just lump the parties together. It was a nice family celebration. Here are a few pictures of her party!

Wow it is so hard to believe how fast she is growing up. Lexis is very picky with her clothes. I sometimes get frustrated with her but I have to stop and remember she needs to be who she is! The teenage years are just around the corner!


Friday, September 12, 2008

"Happy 10th Birthday Lexis!"

"Happy 1oth Birthday Lexis!"

Well Lexis is TEN today. Unbelieveable to me. It only seems like yesterday she was born. She was a very long and thin little baby. She had very little hair. She was my little baby doll. That is actually how she got her nickname- "Lexidoll!" Here is a picture of her at 2 days old. Her little fingers and toes were so long and skinny. She was a beutiful baby.

Last night we walking in our town's Homecoming parade. Brian was the school mascot, the bulldog. Lexis and I had made the float. On one side it had Grimes on it and the other had Bulldogs. It took us about 10 hours to make. Lex helped me for about 4 of those hours. She was first reluctant to help me but once I persuaded her she loved to help and was so good at it. It turned out so well.

Here is a few pictures at the parade. How cute are they?

Here was the back. Had to make a Bulldog. I did this by myself while Lex was at school. She loved it!

Here is Brian in the Bulldog costume. Poor guy he was so hot. The parade was about 3 miles long.

Wow what an awesome night. Lexis and Emeline were both complaining their feet were sore but all in all it was so much fun. All the hard work did pay off. We will definately have to do this AGAIN!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

"So What" by P!nk remix- Lexis

Check out Lexis in action! Here is her first Live Remix. "Enjoy!"


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am so happy to report that Lexis made the Shoquoquoh Children's Choir. I just knew she would! The letter came on Saturday. I let her open it. I told her no matter what the letter said that we loved her and we know that she has a beautiful singing voice. She opened it and said, "I got it!" I was so excited for her. Practice starts this next Monday. Yippee Lexis! My Lexis is going to be a singer, like her Mom. I couldn't be more proud!

I'm also glad to tell you she is feeling much better. The antibodics worked and her cough is dying down. Well not in the morning of course. She went back to school today and was not a happy camper when I told her to wake up. Okay who is happy to wake up? Nice to be back to normal!